Morse Park

Contact the CSD Department of Parks and Recreation for more information about the park.

Telephone: (916) 405-5300

24 Hour Maintenance Hotline Page for parks in the Elk Grove area.

Early Design Efforts

The Community Services District (CSD) held a number of outreach events to gather public opinion on the park design and amenities. As a result of these meetings the CSD completely redesigned the park to be reflective of the community’s vision. The CSD park architect, Paul Mewton, was able to incorporate all the major elements desired by the community in the final master plan.

As part of the overall design process Playground Partners became involved in these outreach events to further define the playground amenities. Along with the CSD we gathered information from outreach meetings, internet surveys, and from children at local elementary schools (the real experts!). From the very beginning local residents overwhelmingly selected water park or sprayground elements as the single most desired amenity. The results of the community input were used as a basis for our design specifications and were submitted as a Request For Proposal (RFP) to playground equipment vendors.View the Survey Results
Survey Results from Community Input on the Playground